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Spitball is a platform for entrepreneurs, thinkers and enthusiasts to bounce ideas, validate them, and collaborate with each other to turn ideas into the products of tomorrow.

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There should be a platform dedicated to enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs that allows them to validate their concept through targeted feedback, and provide resources and access to the tools needed to be entrepreneurs.
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New Idea
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What if there was a platform that gave people an opportunity to validate their ideas via targeted feedback from their relevant market, and connect with people who can help them take their ideas to the next level. We'd start by targeting people's ideas to the relevant parties ne...
It's too hard for people to take action on their ideas
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You have an idea for something awesome or are building something you think is cool, but aren't sure what next steps to take.
We target your idea to users we think are representative of your target market. This helps you validate your idea and is a chance to connect with people who can help develop the product and get it to market.
Market Validation
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Hey I'm a software engineer and have been thinking about building something similar to what you've described. Dm me!
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I like the technology, but think you should think of an enterprise application
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Please make this happen!!!!
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Once we've validated a market for your idea, we connect with domain experts in our network to make a recommendation on the best next steps for growth. We'll work to optimize the execution of the idea, help you think about what a minimum viable product could look like and set things up for success.
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We help you execute. This will look different for each idea: it might mean an app prototype, or maybe a pop-up shop. We will help you build a team, facilitate collaboration and help you get the resources needed to develop a minimum viable product, and position it for fast growth and success.
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